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Product guide

Welcome to BALANCE SIMULATOR ™, the interactive wobble board with integrated computer analysis and trainer. Now you can fast-track your ability to balance on any kind of board.

quick-start guide

To get started, install the app and connect your phone to the BALANCE SIMULATOR ™ Interactive wobble board. Your objective is to achieve perfect balance through task-oriented training. The aim is to keep the ball in the Red Target zone for as long as possible during the training session. Your balance score will be determined by the amount of time that the ball spends fully contained within the red TARGET ZONE.

  1. Install the BALANCE SIMULATOR ™ app on your phone.
  2. Connect your phone to the BALANCE SIMULATOR ™ Interactive wobble board.
  3. Create your user profile by following the instructions on the screen.
  4. Select one of the two balance training games SUM TOTAL or LONGEST SPELL.
  5. Select the training level of difficulty. There are three selectable levels of difficulty 1 -3, where level one is the simplest.
  6. Select one of the three training styles: Pitch & Roll, Roll or Pitch. The default is Pitch & Roll, where the ball can move in all directions.
  7. Choose the training session time period; 1 -10 minutes, and then click Start.
  8. To adjust the difficulty, select a different level of difficulty, training style, or training session time period.

You will receive real-time audio-visual feedback and training through advanced computer analysis. You can also track your progress and evaluate your balance skill. With regular practice, you will transition from beginner to expert in no time.

The BALANCE SIMULATOR ™ board features a double-sided dual action balance board, balance analytics app integration, multi-skill balance training and much more! It is compatible with all Android & iOS smartphones.

For detailed instructions, please select the relevant product guide below:

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